Cooler Door Gasket Installation Tips & Tricks


  • Clean the door before installing.
  • Soak the new gasket in hot water or run through the dish machine to soften gasket and remove any twists or kinks before installation.
  • Your new gasket may take several days to form a maximum seal. A new gasket has to form to the new door and door jamb.
  • If your new gasket is not sealing correctly after a week or two, use a hair dryer or heat gun to heat the gasket [do not heat to much or the material will melt]. The objective of heating is to make the gasket soft and pliable. Then you can stretch or manipulate the gasket to fill any areas that don’t seal.


During 2009-2010, True switched the style of many gaskets, causing select models have 2 different part
numbers depending on their manufacture date.

True Manufacturing Swing Door Tension Adjustments
If your gasket is any part# True 810801, 810802, 810803, 810808 or full size door using the narrow black
gasket. The gasket is made to seal the door, not hold it closed. Most of these doors have a spring tension
hinge that is very easy to adjust. Watch the video it makes a big difference.